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Looking for information to help you pass the CSCS test and get your card can be quite frustrating. The purpose of this site is to help make things easier for you.

When I took my test recently what I wanted was something to give me an idea of the questions that would be asked and what I would need to know. I could find lots of info on expensive training courses but I couldn’t afford to do them even if I would be able to get the money back later. What I wanted was information that would tell me what I needed to know for free! Thats what I hope to do with this site. I’ve gathered lots of information about the questions that will be asked and this is available for no charge on this site.

The tests are not really very hard but there may be a couple of areas where a bit of a refresher will help. I will try to build up this information as well.

As the site is a work in progress please call back often and if you find it is useful pass it on to others who might benefit. (and save a bit of money)

Make sure you’ve got your Hard Hat, High Vis and Safety Boots on and come on in.

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