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Practice Questions 1 – Some CSCS Example Test Questions

CSCS Mock Test Questions and Answers

CSCS Mock test questions and answersWhy should you practice cscs test questions

The results speak for themselves. There is a much greater failure rate from peope whio have not practiced or revised for the test. Practicing some cscs mock test questions before you take the test can give you a real advantage when you come to take the CSCS Health and Safety Test. People who have revised have a 50% better chance of passing.

The following citb CSCS Mock Test questions are typical examples of the questions you will be asked in the citb CSCS  Test (citb Health Safety & Environment since 2012). You won’t be asked all of them but the chances are very good that some of them (or some very similar) will appear in the exam. To get your CSCS certification you will need to be able to answer these practice questions. If there are any you are not sure about you need to revise. I will cover some CSCS Health and Safety Test revision in later posts.

CSCS Mock Test Questions

Q. If you are at a site induction and there is something you don’t understand , you should?

  1. Ask someone else to explain afterwards
  2. Try to guess what was being explained
  3. Ask for it to be explained again
  4. Go to the site induction again

Q. You have been on site for a while and the site induction rule seem to be out of date, you should?

  1. Ask the people you work with if they’ve got any new rules?
  2. Make your own safety rules up?
  3. Talk to your supervisor about it?
  4. Forget it, it’s not your problem?

Q. What is a risk assessment , what does it tell you?

  1. where you can find the first aid box?
  2. how to do the job safely?
  3. the working hours on site ?
  4. what to do to report accidents?

Q. Who does the Health and Safety at Work Act apply to?

  1. only the self-employed?
  2. only operatives ?
  3. only employers?
  4. everyone at work?

Q. If you are an employee, it is not your legal responsibility to?

  1. tell your supervisor your concerns about site safety
  2. report faulty equipment
  3. follow instructions to use equipment safely
  4. write your own risk assessments

n.b. The NOT in this question. Read it too fast and miss this and that could be your cscs card flying out of the window.

Q. How does the Health and Safety at Work apply to you?

two answers are needed.

  1. You must learn it before you can start work
  2. It give you legal responsibilities and duties.
  3. It explains how to do your job
  4. It requires that a safe working environment to be provided by your employer
  5. It points out the dangers on site

Q. Why should you see the health and safety policy provided by your employer?

  1. it tells you how you can safely use tools and equipment.
  2. it explains how health and safety is managed
  3. it explains how to write risk assessments
  4. it tells you how to do your job safely

Q. During induction, on site and during talks hazards are mentioned. What is a hazard?

  1. A machine guard or type of barrier
  2. The site accident rate
  3. Anything dangerous at work
  4. All of the above.

As you can see, they are not too difficult but make sure you read them properly. This is the end of these cscs mock test questions, see below for more.

CSCS Mock Test Answers

Click here for the CSCS mock test answers 1

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