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CSCS Test – How to Book and Pass the CSCS Test

The CSCS Card is now required on almost every site of any size in the UK. To get a CSCS card you need to pass the CSCS test. Passing the test shows that you understand the health and safety matters which pertain to a building site.

Without the CSCS Card you are going to find it impossible to get work on any of these sites.

The question is then, How do you apply for a CSCS Test and how do you make sure you pass it?

How to Apply for the CSCS Test

Applying for the CSCS test is easy.

You can book your test with Pearson Vue, who administer the scheme by clicking here

The above link opens up the CSCS test booking page at Pearson Vue. If you have already set up an account you can sign in with the username and password that has already been sent to you. If you have not set up a web account with them before, you will need to register.

The first thing you are asked is “Do you know your HS&E Testing ID?”

Don’t worry, this is a number that you will be given when you sign up and it is used as a reference on every email and letter that you get regarding your CSCS test. If you have  already signed up and have this number then click on the YES button and put the number in. Otherwise just click on the NO button and continue with the questions below.

Immediately below this box is the bit where you have to fill in your personal details. The details asked for are: Title, First, Middle, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, NI Number and email address.

Title and middle name and NI Number are optional but you will need to supply your NI Number when you take your test so you may as well do it now.

CSCS Application Page Two

On the next page you will be asked to enter an address and a telephone number. This can be either your home or work address and telephone but bear in mind that this is where any paperwork will be delivered.

You can also enter a mobile phone number here and if you do you can choose to have your CSCS test confirmation and reminders sent by SMS message. If you do not add a mobile number you can choose to have the confirmation and reminders sent by email or through the post.

CSCS Online Application Page 3

On this page there are several questions to answer, but as long as you complete the last one, about sending you updates, you can continue.

The questions are:

Enter CITB-ConstructionSkills individual registration number if you know it.

Your employment status, either employed,self employed or unemployed.

Your race/ethnicity picked from a list

Your company CITB-ConstructionSkills Levy Reg No if you know it.

Are you disabled? Y/N

Your Unique Learner Number (ULN) if you know what it is.

Can CITB Construction Skills send you emails about similar products?

Just say whether you want emails or not and you can continue.

Booking Your CSCS Test Page 4

This is where you enter a User name, Password and select two security questions two answer. It asks for 6 characters for a username but I had probems if I didn’t enter 7.

For the password make sure to mix upper and lower case with numbers and a symbols. (It did not seem to like the pound sign as the only symbol, when I changed it to an exclamation mark it accepted it OK.

Now to the good stuff…

Book a CSCS Test Page 5

When you get to this page, it will display the ID we mentioned at the beginning (make a note). There is also a button to view exams.

When you click on the view exams option, a list of the different CSCS Tests is displayed. Click on the one that you would like to book. The Choices are:

MAP Health safety and environment Test for Managers and Professionals

OPERATIVES Health safety & environment Test for Operatives

SPEC-DEM Health safety & environment Specialist Demolition Test

SPEC-DUCT Health safety & environment Specialist HVACR Test (DUCT)

SPEC-HAPS Health safety & environment Specialist HVACR Test (HAPS)

SPEC-HIW Health safety & environment Specialist Highway Works Test

SPEC-LAEE Health safety & environment Specialist Lifts and Escalators Test

SPEC-PFW Health safety & environment Specialist HVACR Test (PFW)

SPEC-PLUM Health safety & environment Specialist Plumbing or Gas Test

SPEC-RAAC Health safety & environment Specialist HVACR Test (RAAC)

SPEC-SAF Health safety & environment Specialist HVACR Test (SAF)

SPEC-SUP Health safety & environment Specialist Supervisors Test

SPEC-TUNN Health safety & environment Specialist Tunnelling Test

SPEC-WAH Health safety & enlronment Specialist Working at Height Test

This page also shows any appointments you have already made.

Clicking on one of the exams takes you to the next page which displays the name of the test the price(£17.50) and which languages it is available in.

There is also a button labelled “Schedule this Exam” click on this and you are taken to the next page which offers you the chance to book accommodation or request a test with British sign language or a foreign voice over.

Click next to continue and the next page will use the address you entered earlier to bring up a list of the nearest CSCS Test centres and display them on a map.

If you check the box next to the CSCS test centre where you want to take your test, and click the next button, a calendar is displayed. Simply click on the date you want and a full list of all the available times is shown.

Press the “select” button next to the time you require and the page updates to show the full details of your selection and the price of the test.

If you are happy with the details then click proceed to checkout and enter your card details.

That’s it! booking your CSCS test could not be simpler. If you do it this way you have a choice of several CSCS Test centres and a maximum choice of dates and times that you can take your CSCS Test


How to Pass the CSCS Test

Basically find out as much as you can about the test before you take it.

You can watch the videos below from cskills.org.

Setting Out Video

Behavioural Case Studies video

The books and DVD’s mentioned in the above video are available at Amazon as cheap as anywhere else and if you use the links on the right they should be delivered free. If you click on the link the latest price will be shown which may be cheaper than advertised.

Attend as many toolbox talks as you can to get as much information as possible.

Look round the rest of this site for revision material and check your progress with the test questions.

Try to understand all the information you get and think WHY? Its OK just earning the answers to set questions but if you don’t understand the underlying reasons for the answers you will soon forget them.

Keep trying the mock cscs test questions and do plenty of cscs revision. There are more CSCS test questions and answers dotted around the site. This is the one sure way to make sure that you will pass your CSCS test the first time.

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