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CSCS Test Training – Personal Protective Equipment

CSCS Test Revision with CSCS Mock test questions

CSCS Revision – Personal Protective equipment (PPE)

In the CSCS test you will be asked questions relating to the use of Personal Protective equipment. The following covers most of what you will bw asked and is followed by some practice questions.

If PPE must be worn it will be specified in the Risk assessment or method statement health and safety test ppe imagewhich Your site manager has issued. PPE must be worn at all times where specified.
In any case where PPE becomes damaged you must stop work until you can get it replaced. You must always follow the instructions for the using PPE.

In bad weather you should wear waterproof clothing. This will help to prevent straining your muscles.

Make sure to ask for any necessary training before using any respiratory protective equipment and harnesses that you need to use.
If you are working in an environment with hazardous fumes you must use the correct respiratory equipment. You must not start work without it.

A dust mask is not the same as respiratory equipment and does not do the same job.

Unless you are in a safe area you must always wear a hard hat. A safe area is somewhere like the site office.

You must always wear your hardhat, even in hot weather. It must be worn square on the head. Not pushed back, tilted forward or back to front.

You must get a replacement hardhat if you drop it from any height. In fact, if any PPE equipment is damaged you must immediately stop work and get a replacement for it.

You must always wear safety boots on site.

Rules for PPE.
Your employer must provide and pay for any protective equipment you need.
You must follow the instructions when using any PPE.

While you are working, if any PPE equipment gets damaged, you must immediately stop work until it is replaced.

The method statement or risk assessment issued by your site manager will tell you if you need PPE to do the job.

Wearing gloves will help protect you from different types of hazards. But not all gloves are the same and may not protect you from every type of chemical. They might not protect you from the effects of vibration.

If you are carrying out any work over 80 dB, you must make sure that you were the correct hearing protection. If you supplied with earplugs and they do not fit properly or fallout STOP WORK and get the correct earplugs and ensure you are shown how to use them properly.

If there is a risk of damage to our eyes from flying material, you must wear eye protection (impact-resistant goggles) to avoid the risk of injury to your eyes.

CSCS Mock Test Questions For PPE CSCS Revision

Try the Following cscs test practice questions
The only time you do not need to wear a safety helmet or other head protection is:
1. If you are self employed.
2. If you are in the site office or other designated safe area such as the canteen
3. If no one else is working there who could drop something on you.
4. If it is very hot and the helmet becomes uncomfortable.

Answer 2. Only remove your helmet in a designated safe area.

Wearing correct gloves when handling hazardous substances will
1. Help prevent Raynaud’s syndrome
2. Help stop Arthritis
3. stop vibration white finger
4. help prevent dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Answer 4. wearing correct gloves can help to protect your skin from disease causing substances. Vibration White finger is a form of Raynaud’s syndrome, an industrial injury which is caused by vibration. N.B. The test question asks about hazardous substances.

I hope these cscs test questions and answers have given you an insight into what you might be asked in the cscs test( or citb Health Safety and environment test as it is now known.

Checkout the other cscs mock test questions around the site. The more practice you get the easier it will be to pass your cscs test.

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