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CSCS Test Revision – Manual Handling

CSCS Revision for CSCS Test Questions on Manual Handling

In the CSCS Test one of the sections that you will be asked questions on is manual handling. The notes below should cover most of what you need to know

What you need to know about manual handling for the CSCS Test

citb CSCS Test Revision - Manual Handling
Incorrect handling can cause many problems particularly to your back. A few simple rules can avoid a lot of trouble.

CSCS Test advice

Size up the load before you attempt to lift it. How much does it weigh? Find out. What handholds are there? Where has it got to be taken. Sizing up the job before doing it can save a lot of heartache, and backache.

See if you can split the load into several smaller loads or if it is possible to use a wheelbarrow or truck to make the job easier especially if a load needs to be moved over longer distances. Using a wheelbarrow is still classed as manual handling. If the wheelbarrow breaks or is faulty for any reason you should find another safe method of moving the load.

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CSCS Revision – Lifting

When you are lifting something you should lift with your legs. Keep your back straight, place your feet slightly apart and bend your knees to pick it up using the strength in your legs muscles to avoid straining your back. Even if wearing a back support you can still suffer the same injuries as someone without one. Do not lift more than you know you can carry.

If you have something to carry that is so large that you cannot see over it to see where you are going, get someone else to help you carry it. This way there are two people to look ahead and avoid accidents. When two people are going to carry something together, it is much better if they are a similar size and build.

It can make a difference where you are going to carry something as well. What might be O.K. on a level surface can become a problem if you have to carry it up and down slopes or stairs. You will not be able to carry as much. Make sure that you will still be able to access the route you want to go while carrying something and that it will be safe to do so.

Some of the cscs test questions could be about lifting objects down from heights which can also be a problem. The weight you can normally carry is more than the weight you could lift down from a shelf above head height safely. You certainly can’t handle more weight than you usually would. You will not have the same control over something that you have to lift down from a height so remember you will not be able to handle as much weight.

The manual handling regulations state that YOU as an employee must use all of the safe systems of work that are provided by your employers. If there is equipment supplied to safely transport a load you must use it. You are likely to be asked be asked about this in the citb CSCS Test.
Your employer should also have completed a Risk Assessment of any tasks involving heavy lifting.

If when you lift something , you have to twist to do it, you will not be able to lift as much as you do in a normal straight lift and could cause yourself an injury if you try to. The same applies to lifting while sitting. You will not be able to lift as much!

When you are carrying something that is unbalanced always carry it with the heavy side towards you. This puts much less strain on your back and makes it easier to carry.

Remember these CSCS revision Notes and you will be another step closer to passing the CSCS Test and getting your CSCS Card.

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