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CSCS Test Practice Questions 2

More CSCS Mock Test Questions

CSCS test questions and answers
Here are some more cscs mock test questions for you to practice with. These are also based on the first section of the construction skills (citb health safety and environment) test which is mainly to do with legal responsibilities and the management of health and safety on the site.

This section is all to do with what legal duties you have and what legal duties the management have towards you as a worker. It tells you (or rather asks you) what items and support must be provided by your employer for your health and safety and what you are legally expected to do to to maintain your own safety and that of others.

CSCS Mock Test Questions for you to practice

Q1. What does it mean if some of the equipment you are using has just been given a Prohibition Notice?

1. It can only be used by a supervisor.
2. Take extra care when you use it
3. You can only use it after it has been made safe.
4. You can only use it if your supervisor is present

Q2. How do you know if you need a Permit to Work on a new job

1. Don’t worry about it, Permits to Work only apply to managers
2. You will not be allowed to start until you have been issued with a  Permit to Work
3. You will be told by The Health and Safety Executive
4. At the site induction you will receive a Permit to Work

Q3. Which of the following is not your duty as an employee  under the Health and Safety at Work Act?

1. Not to interfere with anything provided for health and safety
2. Writing your own risk assessments
3. Looking after the health and safety of other people affected by your work
4. Looking after your own health and safety

Q4. The method statement says you should do a job a certain way but you cannot.  What do you do?

1. Contact the Health and Safety Executive
2. Ask one of your workmates how to do it
3. Talk to your supervisor before you start any work
4. Think of a different way to do it

Q5. Why should you know the health and safety regulations that deal with your type of job?

1. They put legal duties on you
2. They let you know when Health and Safety Executive inspections will happ
3. They tell you  how health and safety is managed on your site
4. They show you how to write a risk assessment

Here are the CSCS mock test questions 2 answers

More revision and cscs mock test questions to follow.

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  • stephen kirtley

    i took the managers test today 31/5/11in eastbourne mobile unit i thought i had passed it wasnt until i got home i saw that i failed. how can i find out what questions i failed on ? it cost me 17.50 and im on benefit please let me see the results

    • admin

      Hi Stephen. I’m sorry I don’t have any connection with the testers. I’m just trying to build up some info to help people see whats involved. If you are on benefit I think there are government schemes that should allow you to get free training and take the test again. Maybe one of the advertisers could give you information

  • Margaret

    Stephen, you should apply for an ILA account which could give you £200 (Token) to take short courses such as the CSCS.
    And why not contact the people at the place you sat the course and ask for marks.

    • Carole

      Hi margaret, can you tell me more about ILA token and how you can apply thanks carole

  • Richard Lea

    Thank you for placing this web site, very useful, my company are getting all engineers to go on CSCS, even though they are one of the biggest electrical companies in the country. But it looks like the questions are commen sence.

  • davie

    how many questions do you need to get correct to pass the manager and proffesional test on a cscs test

  • tom

    q1 c
    q2 c
    q3 b
    q4 c
    q5 a

    that correct?

    • admin


      Have a look at “General Responsibilities”

  • questions 2


    are these correct?

    • frank goodall

      Well Done ! you will make it to be an insurance man.

  • Joshua

    Surely if this test is taken frequently and is important, there should be an online test like the driving theory anybody have a website?

  • JD

    Im 17 and im looking for a laboring job \ apprentaship what test do I need to do?

  • scondal

    jd go to college and get a trade my friend labouring is not a career path college and get a trade bud u young enough to make it count bud good luck

  • Lee

    I’m also 17 and am really keen to get into the brick laying industry i have no past experience , i was wondering what would be the best route for me to take … I’m really interested in a bricklaying apprenticeship but i do not know where to look any suggestions ??

    • Alex

      Hi lee, I’m 26 and in the process of changing my career. I have started a Bricklaying Course at a local college, check with the colleges nearby and see if they offer the course. On some they also throw in the CSCS Training and Test. As for apprenriceships you would need your CSCS before you can work onsite.

  • jonny rutter

    how men e questions do u need 2 get rite 2 get a green card and how men e r u asked?also where can u do a test on ere 2 refresh not worked in two years need refreshing any answers appriciated thanks

  • ricky

    iv got my exam at 11 tomorow can u give me any tips ? ricky

  • Damian Janicki

    Thanks for the great website. I used this to pass the test this morning:- ) There were a few new and more difficult questions this time around – one i never had before regarding site resting areas, a couple about vibrating hand tools and the one about the color of a water fire extinguisher and the standard COSHH came up. I will write a few down if it helps everyone. If anyone does want these questions I noted down as many of 40 questions that i can remember (about 25 so far as have good memory!) and will send them to anyone as required. Good luck to everyone who is going for the test. As many people have said this is mostly common sense and with a day or two’s revision most people will get through the test with no problems.

    • Jim

      Hi damiian, I have the test next week, could you forward me an example of some of the questions asked.

      Thanks a million !

    • Neil

      Hi Damian, would be a great help if u could forward any info. Many thanks.

    • steve

      damian could you please send me questions on cscs thanks steve

    • stuart

      hey damian, i have my test on thursday any chance of forwarding those questions please?

    • G

      Hey damien, i have the test in 3 days! could you possibly send me some example questions please

      • G

        the l;ast comment has the wrong email :/

    • lee ayre

      could you plz send me some of the questions as i have test on 12th may thanks

      • simon

        are you the pharmaceutical lee ayre?

    • Alex

      Would it be possible to send me a some of these questions as I have my test coming up soon? MAny thanks

    • jason ledger

      please could you send me as many questions you can remember please

    • Rob

      Hello Damien
      any info regarding test cheers

    • col

      Hi plz can u send me the questions and answers thx gt my test tomoz cheers

    • Timothy

      Hi Damian, I would really appreciate if you can send me the past questions as I have my test this Friday. Thank you very much in advance for being there for the needy. Have a lovely week! Timothy!

  • ricky

    does anyone know how many questions there are for a green card and how many you have to get right
    can you please let me know thanks

    • admin

      There are 40 questions and you have to get 37 right

  • lee


  • andrew watts

    give us what you av got

  • aiden hodge

    1-c….2-b…..3-b…..4-c….5-c….is that correct????

  • aiden hodge

    damian could you send them to me please…..

  • Matt

    If a man who has his ass hanging out all day can pass, so can i. i think. Dyslexics of the world untie!

  • pete

    health and safety gone mad in this country. you need to go on a course for something or other just for a cleaning job. no wonder 5 million out of work

    • that comment you put on regarding this health and safety for cscs card is absolutely pathetic anybody with any brain cells knows what is correct and what is not allowed and this is uneeded and not wanted. If you decide to throw yourself off some ladders then that is unlucky for them. this is just common sense that has now gone well overboard.

  • pete

    damian i used to work in the gas industry, one thing your learn is health and safety people have no sense of humour,common sense doesn.t come in to in to it, the ones on transco would love to hang you for doing something wrong. they take their grand children along to watch. see that bad man they say, he had a packet of palasters on his van/ and they where 2 weeks out of date. bad man

  • pete

    all these cscs/plts courses are a complete waste of time/,health and safely is just common sense, it creates work for a lot of people, who would other wise be unemployable, horrid sad little people who have a chip on there shoulder , and want to get their own back on the world. they say give a little man a little bit of power, and he show you his ignorants. that sums up health and safely officals.

  • Dna

    To be fair, common sense dont always work, people get killed by stupid mistakes made by stupid people. The CSCS does one thing and one thing well. It keeps idiots off site and I’m sure you all appreciate that. Since CSCS came out I’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the number of numpties I have to work with and I feel so much safer knowing that. Call me a bar steward if you want but I think the CSCS is a cracking idea cause I dont ever go home dead cause the scaffolding collapsed or the sparky wired up the ceiling grid or something like that…. Anyways,
    Just remember one thing, if you see that one-tit orange flashing light make sure it’s coffee, white with one sugar and you’ll be alright.

  • Luke

    The answers are

  • adam

    1.c 2d. 3.c 4. 5.d 6.b???

  • sparkybhoy

    Whats the answers for the Mock Test 2 cheers?

  • Bill Logan

    On the managers and professionals test what is the pass score?
    I sat the test on Saturday, the officials at Pearson said they could not help with my scoring or what questions I got wrong.
    Is there any difference between the above test / revision book and the operatives test /book which you need for a regular visitors pass.


  • Josh

    Damian you still got those questions ? Any chance you’d be able to send them over. Have my test this week. Would be great?

  • Neola

    hi damien i have my test in the morning i have been looking at the videos on the construction skills site and makeing some notes could you please send me the example questions u have so i could have a quick look thankyou my test is 11am wed 30th.. im a bit worried as my new job means i have to pass to get it

  • joshua


  • so they give us 12 test questions then give us the answers for the first set!is this some kind of a joke ?
    this company is a money grabbing joke stealth tax!and there advertising the cscs test handbooks that there selling on AMAZON!£9.52 for a new one?if this card was for the health and safety of people then the there would be free mock tests in full and learning information on the net not trying to make cash from dvds books test and cards.Construction industry taxed again %20 on every penny i earn just aint enough for them!

  • williammaltman

    thank you for letting me pratice my cscs test on site i under stand more about health and safety on sie and what it means to me and other people working beside me

  • stevegreenwood

    Lets face it we all know there squeezing our lemons man , and it is just common sense this cscs yes but lot of people ant got none av they so its a much safer place for us with get iT !!!!!! Steve G ; )

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