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CSCS Test – General Responsibilities – CSCS Card.

CSCS Test – Your General Responsibilities

Anyone considering taking their CSCS Test and applying for a CSCS Card will have questions from the General Responsibilities section to answer. You must know the information below as a minimum. It’s not very difficult, mainly common sense, but if you miss out on getting your card because you have wrongly answered a question on the stuff below you will still have failed. Once you have read the cscs revision, why not try a cscs mock test from the links at the bottom of the page

CSCS Revision for cscs Test - All the cscs test questions and answers

This cscs revision covers your general responsibilities and other information you should know before taking your CSCS Test

CSCS Test – Risk Assessments

A Risk Assessment assesses or judges the safety of a job.

Your SUPERVISOR is responsible for writing the risk assessment, not you. If a hazard is at all likely to cause an accident then it is classed as a risk and an assessment should be made. A HAZARD is absolutely anything that could cause an accident.

Why is the Health and Safety at Work Act important to you?

The Health and Safety at Work Act is important because it gives employees (you) legal

duties and it also requires that your employer provides a safe place to work.

When you do your site induction, If any of the Health and Safety Rules given to you appear out of date you should mention your concerns to your supervisor.

If a PERMIT TO WORK is required by a job then you must NOT start work

until you have one, also you cannot work before or after the time that the permit states. A Permit allows for certain jobs to be carried out providing that certain conditions are met.

HSE Improvement Notices

When a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector is on site, you must carry on

working normally unless you have been told not to.

The Health and Safety inspectors might sometimes issue an IMPROVEMENT NOTICE. If you are given one of these after they have watched you working, it means that you are NOT working safely and this must be corrected.

What do Prohibition Notices mean

A PROHIBITION NOTICE may be given for the whole site or a piece of equipment. If one has been issued then you must NOT start work until the site or equipment has been made safe and the notice lifted. If you are already working and the whole site receives a prohibition notice you must STOP work immediately. You are likely to be asked about this in the questions.

What is a Method Statement

A METHOD STATEMENT will tell you what you need to do to corry out a job safely , If you are not able to complete a job following the method statement, do not start work but speak to your supervisor first.

Who is responsible for safety

EVERYONE is responsible for reporting any conditions on site which are unsafe. You have a legal duty to read and carry out the Health and Safety at Work Act. If you see anything unsafe you must report it to the site supervisor immediately. The responsibility for managing health and safety on the site belongs to the Site Manager

What is a Toolbox Talk

Toolbox talks are often given on construction sites. It is a talk about safety on a particular subject.

Children on Site

A construction site can be a a very dangerous place. If ever you see children on the site they MUST be taken to a safe place BEFORE you report it. The most important thing is to make sure that the children are safe. A question on this is regularly asked in the test.

All of the above cscs revision notes cover questions that are very likely to be asked in the cscs test.

Remember the CSCS revision information above and you are on your way to passing your CSCS Test

Try some CSCS mock test questions at CSCS Practice Test 1 and  CSCS Practice Test 2


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