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CSCS Test Core Sections

CSCS Revision for CSCS Test Questions -What are the Core Sections

Almost everyone employed on a construction site will have to sit a CSCS test these days, certainly anyone joining the industry will have to. Hopefully these CSCS Revision Notes wil make passing  a bit easier
CSCS Test Questions - All of the cscs test questions and answers
The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was started to promote a certain minimum level of health and safety awareness in the construction industry and it covers several different categories of work.

As of April 2nd  2012 the CSCS Test became known as the citb Health Safety and Environment Test and the structure was changed to include more sections covering specialist subjects. Additionally there is now a behavioural case study section which asks how you would respond in certain circumstances.

Who needs to answer questions from the CSCS Test core sections

Depending on which profession or trade you belong to, you will require a different type of CSCS card. These are identified by their colour and may need to be renewed at different intervals. There is one thing that they all have in common though and that is that the test will always draw some of its questions from the core sections.
Different CSCS Cards will have additional questions asked from the more specialized sections but for the basic operative card the questions are only take from the core sections.

In the current citb Heath Safety and environment test core  there are 16 sections from which the  questions are drawn. These are as follow:

The CSCS Test Core Sections

Legal & Management

Section 1.  General Responsibilities.
Section 2.  Accidents. Reporting and Recording.
Section 3.  Emergency Procedures and First Aid.

Health & Welfare
Section 4.  Health and Welfare.
Section 5.  Respiratory Risks.
Section 6.  Noise and Vibration.
Section 7.  Hazardous substances.

General Safety
Section 8.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Section 9.  Electrical Safety and Hand-Held Tools and Equipment.
Section 10. Safety Signs and Signals.
Section 11. Site Transport Safety
Section 12. Fire Prevention and Control.

High Risk Activities
Section 13. Manual Handling.
Section 14. Working at Heights.
Section 15. Excavations and Confined Spaces.

Section 16. Environment Awareness and waste control.


If you are taking the basic operatives CSCS Test you will be asked 50 questions in total. 38 will be taken from the core sections above and a further 12 will be asked on the behavioural case study.

CSCS Test Specialist Sections

There are a further 12 sections containing the specialist test questions, they are

Section 17  Supervisory.
Section 18  Demolition.
Section 19. Plumbing or Gas.
Section 20. Highway Works.
Section 21. Specialist Work at height.
Section 22. Lifts and escalators.
Section 23. Tunnelling.
Section 24. HVACR HAPS Heating and Pumbing Services.
Section 25. HVACR PFW Pipefitting-Welding.
Section 26. HVACR DUCT Ductwork.
Section 27. HVACR RAAC Refrigeration and air conditioning.
Section 28. HVACR SAF Services and Facilities maintenance.

If you are taking a specialist test you will get 32 questions from the core sections and 6 from the speciaist area you have selected. You will still get the 12 behavioural case study questions making a total of 50.


In both cases you are allowed 45 mins to complete the test.
You will take the citb health safety and environment/ CSCS test (at the test centre you have chosen when booking ) on a touch screen computer. You get a chance practice before you start the proper exam to get used to the way the questions are put. They are all multiple choice questions and you just have to touch the correct answer on the screen.

Once you have completed and passed this test you will be able to send off for your CSCS card. If you have booked a package from one of the test booking companies they will probably arrange this for you.

If you have worked on building sites for a while you will know most of the answers already but I do recommend looking round this site to pick up any information which you may have forgotten or may not have come across.
You can pick up a book with all of the questions and answers in it. Shop around the prices vary but Amazon is probably the cheapest.

The time is coming when you will find it very difficult to get work without having a CSCS card and that means passing the citb test (every 3 or 5 years depending on the renewal period for the card) so it is worth brushing up as soon as you can. It will be much easier to get work with a Card. Even if you have passed the test before it is still worth while doing some revision or attempting a few cscs mock test questions 1 for practice.

I hope this CSCS Revision information is of use. If it is don’t forget to like us on Facebook or Google+ (or both) and we can hopefully help someone else with their citb / CSCS test and card.

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