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CSCS Test – Accident Revision

CSCS Test – Accident Prevention & Reporting

Any of the information included below is liable to be the subject of a question in the CSCS Test

CSCS Test Revision – The Accident Book

I would be most surprised if there wasn’t a question about the accident book as one of your CSCS test questions.

The most likely time for accidents to happen are when you have just started at the
site. The most deaths by accidents are caused by accidents from heights.

If you are injured at all in an accident then you must report it. By reporting it, it is possible to make sure that the accident can be prevented from happening again. This includes any near misses and you must report fully exactly what you saw.

A near miss is where someone could have been injured but luckily they weren’t. Near misses should be reported so that the appropriate steps can be taken to prevent them happening again.

All accidents must be recorded in the accident book by you or someone acting for you. The information that must be recorded is the Date and Time of the accident, full details of the injury and your home address. You do not need to include your National Insurance Number.

If you have a cut which doesn’t stop bleeding, find a first aider or get other medical help. Open cuts should always be dressed. Tetanus is a disease which enters through an open cut and can be caught from contaminated water or land.

When working outside be warned that direct sunlight on bare skin can cause skin cancer. Consider wearing a sun block.

All unsafe working conditions should be reported. If you see some other contractor else doing something that affects your own safety or the safety of others you must report this to your supervisor as they will have the authority to do something about it whereas you do not.

CSCS Test Revision – Site Induction

It is most important that you attend the Site Induction. This is where the Health and safety practices on the site will be explained to you. It is vital that you understand what is being explained and if there is anything that you do not understand you must ask your supervisor to explain it to you again. They should be happy to do so.

Accident Prevention

Always remove nails from scrap wood. The reason is that someone could stand on nailcitb cscs test - nail in wood picture
left sticking up and injure themselves. By keeping your work area clean and tidy and
not leaving unused tools and equipment etc. lying around, you can prevent people from
tripping and falling. Also clean up any spills to prevent slips.

Weils Disease (Leptospirosis)

As far as the CSCS test is concerned, the main the main animals that Weils Disease can be contacted from are Rats and Cows. The most dangerous areas are wet ground an sewers. It will start off with Flu like symptoms so always be wary of these if you have been working in this environment. If you are diagnosed with Weils disease you must inform your employer as they have a duty to inform the Health and safety executive.
If you are working in one of these areas  you must clean your hands scrupulously before eating as this is one way the disease can be transmitted, See this post for more information.

CSCS Test Revision – Handling Hazardous Substances

Always wear gloves when handling hazardous substances. Barrier cream can help but is not sufficient on its own to protect you, some substances can go through barrier cream. When used it should be applied before you start work. If you do get any hazardous substance on your hands, wash them immediately with soap and water. Solvents will remove the natural oils in your skin and may cause dermatitis. Mineral oil and engine oil can also cause dermatitis. Solvents are  highly flammable, take care not to get them on you or your clothes.

CSCS Test Revision – What should be Provided

All sites should provide hot and cold water for washing, and a way to dry your hands. They should provide an area under cover, a way to heat water and tables and chairs. You should speak to your supervisor if these are not provided.

Tell your Supervisor if the site toilets do not flush properly and if they are always
dirty tell someone who can sort the problem out.
To avoid attracting rats you should make sure that any rubbish is properly disposed of in a designated waste area.

CSCS Revision – Medication and Alcohol

Any medication whether you are given it by a Doctor or buy it yourself should be checked to make sure that it does not make you drowsy or unfit to work. If you drink alcohol at lunch you must stay away from the site for the rest of the day. Anyone using illegal drugs is a danger to anyone else on site.

CSCS Revision – Breathing Problems

Asbestos, Silica dust and Bird droppings can all cause Lung disease and are major problems. Dust can be the cause of a disease known as occupational Asthma which affects breathing and can make it difficult. Steam does NOT cause lung disease!
On finding bird droppings or nests in an area where you are working you must STOP WORK and seek advice immediately to avoid contracting any of the breathing problems mentioned above.

Remember PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.Once again most of the information you are required to know is common sense and good practice. Speak up if you see something wrong or are not happy about something – Work in a clean, tidy safe manner. Look out for other peoples safety and hopefully they will look out for yours.

You are very likely to be asked questions based on the above information hopefully this post will have added to your CSCS Training. Learn it and you are one step closer to passing your CSCS Test.

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