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CSCS Practice Questions 2 Answers

Answers to CSCS practice questions 2

CSCS Practice questions 2 Answers

Here are the answers to the cscs practice questions posted at CSCS Mock Test 2

CSCS Practise Questions 1

Answer. 3

If the equipment has been given a Prohibition Notice you must only use it once it has been mad safe to use.

Practice Question 2

Answer. 2

You will not be allowed to begin working until after you have had a permit to work issued.

Practice Question 3

Answer. 2

it is not your duty to write risk assessments for your own jobs under the H&S at work Act

Practice Question 4

Answer. 3

If you are not able to follow the method statement provided to do a job, you should discuss this with your supervisor before starting work.

Practice Question 5

Answer. 1

The reason you must read the H&S regulation is because this is where you will find out the legal duties that they place on you as an employee.

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