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Which CSCS Card Do I Need ?

When you book your CSCS test you will need to decide which CSCS card to apply for and this will depend on which trade you are in and your level of education and experience.
The different card colours denote the level of experience or specialisation.

Your trade or profession determines not ony which of the cards (citb Heath Safety & Environment) you need to apply for, but also which questions you are asked at your test as there will be different questions asked if you want to book a test for any of the specialisations.

CSCS Card - red

Red CSCS Card

Red Card

These are for a trainee or Experienced worker. A fully skilled worker would tend to apply for a Blue card




CSCS test Green cscs Card

Green Operatives Card

Green Card

If you are a labourer you will need the basic operators green card.





Blue CSCS Card

Blue CSCS Card

Blue Card

These are the craft cards. You will need to apply for the blue card if you area skilled tradesperson such as a Floor Tyler, Carpenter, Thatcher, Painter etc.  If you are a trainee or apprentice in one of the trades you should apply for a red Card. You can also apply for a gold card if you are advanced.


Gold Card

These cards are required for Supervisory or advanced craft workers.

White or Grey Cards

This is the Card you will need if you are in a Construction Related occupation or are a Professionally Qualified Person (PQP).

Black Card

The Black card is for management, for example a town planning practitioner or a Transportation Practitioner.

Yellow Card

This card is a regulars visitors card. i.e. for anyone who would regulary visit a site, who are working within the construction skills certification scheme, in the course of their work.

Checkout the rest of the site to find out more about the CSCS Health and Safety Test and CSCS certification. Whatever your occupation, If you work on, or regularly have reason to visit a construction site, you are going to need to apply for a CSCS Card.

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  • Mr MD Grant

    Hi there hope you can help I hold a White Card from Western Australia which enables me to work on any construction site in Western Australia as well as mine sites were I worked.Can you tell me if this can be used to obtain a CSCS Card, Thanks again for any help you may give me.

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