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CSCS Card Test Centre Birmingham

To Apply For The CSCS Card Test for Birmingham

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Taking your CSCS Test in Birmingham is nice and simple.

Pick Birmingham while in the online CSCS application form to enable you to sit a CSCS Card Test there.

You want a CSCS Card to get a job just about anywhere now and the same applies in Birmingham.

The Construction Skills Tests was changed at the beginning of April 2012. It’s now called the CITB Health Safety & Environment Test and a great many test centres changed address. Make sure you are looking at the newer Pearson Vue sites.

These recent venues are the ones that are given any time you reserve your own CSCS Card Examination using the web.

Reserving your CSCS Card Exam in Birmingham

There are several companies who will book a CSCS test for you. You can also arrange a CSCS card examination for Birmingham yourself over the internet.

Doing this will additionally give you an option of almost all the suitable dates and times which you actually may take any test in order to ensure that you actually find a day that is convenient for you.

The actual CSCS Tests are often obtainable at sessions one to two hours apart all through the working day, therefore obtaining your CSCS Card doesn’t necessarily have to end up being too troublesome.

You can likewise arrange the CSCS card test on the telephone at an authorised exam centre by simply telephoning Pearson Vue on 0800 731 4359. They charge a mere £17.50 to book an exam.

All of the centres operate in a comparable fashion and Birmingham is not any different.

When turning up at the test centre at Birmingham, be certain that you have got everything you really have to have on you. Photo ID and also two passport photos. Where you have a voucher have it along with you in addition to a copy for the actual test booking confirmation.

You have 45 minutes in order to take the test and have Fifty questions to respond to. These are 38 health and safety knowledge, and 12 behavioural case study questions for the standard test.

Its a very good idea to make ready for your exam before attending by studying and also checking out the cscs test practice questions here. You can easily also obtain one of the cscs test books or dvd’s. Also sign up for our list so that you can benefit from any most recent information and also CSCS card study assistance as fast as it appears.

Applying for a CSCS Test In Birmingham

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Pearson CSCS Test Centres-UK Birmingham 0800 731 4359
Pearson Professional Centres
38 Dale End
Birmingham B4 7NJ


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  • Darren

    I am thinking of changing jobs but all vacancies (particularly the local councils) seem to require a CSCS card. I have plenty of experience over the years (I am 47) but no NVQ. Do I need an NVQ? Can I just sit the exam and get this CSCS card. In my current job I have done several Health & safety courses.
    Please advise what I should do next.

  • Georgios Kalaitsidis

    Hi there . There is any CSCS card I need for driving a Bus or Lorry? Thanks. Regards.

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