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CSCS Card Mock Test Answers 1

CSCS Mock Test Questions 1 – The Answers

CSCS test online AnswersHere are the answers to the cscs mock test questions from CSCS Mock test questions 1   click on this link if you want to go back and see the original Questions

Answers to CSCS mock test questions:


If there is something at the site induction that you do not understand

3. Ask for it to be explained again.
For your own safety and that of others, you need to understand everything that is explained at the site induction. If you don’t understand then the chances are that others won’t either, but might be afraid to ask. Whoever is carrying out the site induction will be much happier to explain again than have you not understand. They might even change the induction in future to make it clearer.

If a site induction rule seem to be out of date, what should you do?

3. Talk to your supervisor about it.
Rules and methods can change quickly in the construction industry and updating the site induction may have been overlooked. By mentioning your doubts you will be helping to improve site safety.

Risk Assessment, what is it for and what does it tell you?

2. how to do the job safely
A risk assessment should cover all of the possible hazards associated with the job and how to minimize the risks and carry out the work safely

the Health & Safety at Work Act applies to

4. Everyone at work
Whether you are an employee, an employer,a contractor or a sub-contractor, the H&S at work act applies to you.

As an employee, it’s not your legal responsibility to

4. Write risk assessments for yourself.
Employers are responsible for producing risk assessments. They may appoint someone to produce them but anyone assigned to carry out the work should be knowledgeable about both how to produce the risk assessment and about the work needing to be done.

How the Health & Safety at Work Act applies to you

The two answers required are:
2. It tells you what responsibilities and duties are legally required from you.
4. It requires your employer to provide a safe working environment.

You see the Health & Safety policy that your employer provides because

2. It explains how health and safety is managed
You need to be aware of who is responsible for various aspects of health and safety and how heath and safety matters on the site are handled.

“Hazards”, mentioned during site induction, talks and on site are:

3. Anything dangerous or harmful at work.
Anything which may cause you harm at work is classed as a hazard.

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  • Richie

    Hi love the questions and test really helps. I noticed that the above answer is labeled wrong. This being the answer that requires two answers.

    You currently have the answers as 1. and 3.

    When it should be:

    2. It give you legal responsibilities and duties.
    4. It requires that a safe working environment to be provided by your employer

    • admin

      Thanks Richie, you are spot on.
      I have now changed the numbering to put this right.

  • Jimmy

    Passed first time thanks! 🙂

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