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CSCS Card Cost and CSCS Card Application

CSCS Card Cost, CSCS Test Cost and CSCS Card Application

What Does the CSCS Card Cost?

cscs card and test cost and application

apply for a cscs card

Many of you have asked what does the CSCS card cost? The simple answer is £30 but you must realise that before you can get your card, you need to have passed your CSCS Test. You can’t just apply for the Card.

What Does the Test Cost?

Once again the simple answer is £17.50, but you may find that when you apply you will be charged an additional cost. Some places offer a booking service at an additional cost, or you may find that the cost of revision materials have been added to the price. Some of these materials can be purchased much cheaper on the internet and examples and alternatives are shown throughout this site.

The bottom line is that the minimum cost, i.e. the cheapest that you are going to get a card for, when starting from scratch, is £47.50 which includes both the cost of the test and the cost of getting the actual card when you have passed.

As I have said above, before you make your application you need to have passed the test already and have the letter proving you have passed. This is time dependent as well, The test needs to have been passed in the last two years.

How To Book a CSCS Test

You can easily book your test yourself online at Pearson Vue who administer the tests. You can choose your own time and place when booking. Read this walkthrough of the cscs/citb Heath Safety and environment test 2012 booking process
Make sure you have a credit card available to pay the fee of £17.50 and you will also need either (only one) a registration number for construction skills OR your National Insurance (NI) number. You can make a booking without your NI number but you will need it before you can take the test.

CSCS Smartcard Application

You can download a smartcard application form for your card from the following links. Make sure you choose the correct one, there are 3 different ones depending on which card you are applying for.

Craft and Operative CSCS Card application This is also for Construction Site Operative, (CRO)Construction Related Occupation and Regular Visitors.

Professionally Qualified Person, (PQP)

Technical Supervisor or Manager

These forms can be downloaded and printed .

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There are more details on the smartcard and its application on the cscs.uk.com site. The cscs smarctard was introduced in January 2010 and gives much more security than the printed cards. The smartcards can be checked online and are much less easy to forge.

Good luck with your CSCS test and card application and remember by doing it yoursef you can keep the CSCS card cost down.