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CSCS Test Revision – Co2 and Wet Chemical Extinguishers

CSCS Revision Notes for the CSCS Test

cscs test for cscs card - Black CO2 Extinguisher

CSCS Card Revision – CO2

CSCS Revision – CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Extinguishers

These are BLACK (think of Carbon to remember) In the CSCS Test you will very likely be asked to identify this type of extinquisher by its colour.
This is the one to use on electrical equipment when it cannot be disconnected or otherwise isolated. You can also use this on flammable liquids such as fats, oil, paint and petrol but not on chip pan fires. Not too many of those on a building site anyway.
To use you would aim the extinguisher at the base of the flame and move it around the whole fire. It works by starving the fire of oxygen as CO2 does not burn and is heavier than air so will sink down and smother the fire.

The danger with this type of extinguisher is that it does not cool the fire down and there is a chance that the fire will reignite once the CO2 has dissipated.

This type of extinguisher will cause the least amount of damage to electrical equipment. Warning– In use the nozzle of the CO2 extinguisher can become very cold.

CSCS Revision for Wet Chemical Extinguishers

You may be asked to identify these in the Test. These are Coloured YELLOW ( like Butter or Sunflower oil) and are Specialist Extinguishers for use on oils>and fats used in cooking e.g. sunflower oil, butter, lard, olive oil and are not recommended for using at home or on Class B fires. They are used by spraying gently in a slow round motion to prevent splashing. As the spray falls onto the surface of the fat it will develop a layer with a soapy consistency which will put out the fire and stop it from starting again. The chemicals in this type of extinguisher only work properly on vegetable and animal based fats so cannot be used on Class B fires.

Find more CSCS Revision for fire extinguishers at CSCS Test – powder and foam extinquishers

You should also try some of the cscs mock test questions elsewhere on the site to test your knowledge of fire extinguishers. It is a known fact that proper revision and practicing the questions will give you a much better chance of passing your construction skills certification scheme exam and getting the card.

You are bound to be asked about the CO2 extinguishers When you take the citb Health Safety & Environment or CSCS  test so try to remember these cscs revision notes about the colours and properties of  extinguishers.

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  • Thanks for the info. Nice to get something for free where CSCS is concerned. I was a bit rusty on extinguishers. Keep up the good work

  • frank oti

    What is the point of this test after 3 years of studies getting C&G 2330 level 3 that covers H&S more deeply.
    As it stands now, I have to pay to seat the test, then pay again to get the card. Why wouldn’t C&G consider giving out these cards on completion of 2 to 3 years, given that one has taken H&S test over and over again throughout the course

  • william ferguson

    I agree with frank oti theres no point in this test at all, you get an induction on every site and fill in a test as well, so this seems to be a money making racket thought up by some politician and it seems to make someone rich,i sat this test five years ago and nothing has changed since then, if it has we get notified by hsc on site so explain this needless task please, and put it in the press so all construction worker can understand it .because all construction workers are under the same illusions .I also hold a scats card the passport to work safety card same difference i think

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