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CSCS Test Information

Latest information and updates on the CSCS Test.


CSCS Test – How to Book and Pass the CSCS Test The CSCS Card is now required on almost every site of any size in the UK. To get a CSCS card you need to pass the CSCS test. Passing the test shows that you understand the health and safety matters which pertain to a [...]

The CSCS Test Was updated in April 2012 IThe CSCS Test is now be the citb Health Safety and Environment Test From April 2nd 2012 a new cscs test will be in place. It will now be called the citb  Health Safety and Environment Test and will be updated with additional sections. The new citb [...]

CSCS Card Cost, CSCS Test Cost and CSCS Card Application What Does the CSCS Card Cost? Many of you have asked what does the CSCS card cost? The simple answer is £30 but you must realise that before you can get your card, you need to have passed your CSCS Test. You can’t just apply [...]

What Is The CSCS Test   The CSCS test refers to the test applied by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The test changed its structure on April 2nd 2012 and is now called The citb Health, Safety and Environment Test. In the UK the tests are administered by Pearson VUE, on behalf of the citb. To get [...]