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Exam Revision for the CSCS Test

CSCS Revision can definatey help you to pass your CSCS test. While the test is fairly straightforward there are some areas that will benefit from revision. The pages below should refresh your memory on some of the topics included in the CSCS Exam.

CSCS revision for accidents and first aid

There are several types of emergencies that can occur on a construction site. These will typically be serious injuries, spills of hazardous substances, fire and excavations collapses which can leave people trapped. Site induction should inform you how to raise an alarm in any of these situations and also how to recognise the alarm. You [...]

In the CSCS test you will be asked questions relating to the use of Personal Protective equipment. The following covers most of what you will bw asked and is followed by some practice questions. If PPE must be worn it will be specified in the Risk assessment or method statement which Your site manager has [...]

Here are the answers to the cscs mock test questions from CSCS Mock test questions 1   click on this link if you want to go back and see the original Questions Answers to CSCS mock test questions:   3. Ask for it to be explained again. For your own safety and that of others, you [...]

One of the sections in the Citb Health Safety and Environment test (CSCS Test), is on working at height. The phrase “Working at height” means when you are working anywhere where, if you had a fall, it would cause an injury. There are several rules you should follow to make sure that you are working [...]

Almost everyone employed on a construction site will have to sit a CSCS test these days, certainly anyone joining the industry will have to. Hopefully these CSCS Revision Notes wil make passing  a bit easier The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was started to promote a certain minimum level of health and safety awareness in [...]

In the CSCS Test one of the sections that you will be asked questions on is manual handling. The notes below should cover most of what you need to know Incorrect handling can cause many problems particularly to your back. A few simple rules can avoid a lot of trouble. Size up the load before [...]

Anyone considering taking their CSCS Test and applying for a CSCS Card will have questions from the General Responsibilities section to answer. You must know the information below as a minimum. It's not very difficult, mainly common sense, but if you miss out on getting your card because you have wrongly answered a question on [...]

Any of the information included below is liable to be the subject of a question in the CSCS Test I would be most surprised if there wasn't a question about the accident book as one of your CSCS test questions. The most likely time for accidents to happen are when you have just started at [...]

Weils disease (also known as Leptosprosis) is one of the areas you may be questioned on in the CSCS Test. Everyone shoud be aware of the dangers as it is a major factor of health and safety in the environment,not just construction workers. Leptospirosis is caused by bacterial infection and can be fatal. For the [...]

These are BLACK (think of Carbon to remember) In the CSCS Test you will very likely be asked to identify this type of extinquisher by its colour. This is the one to use on electrical equipment when it cannot be disconnected or otherwise isolated. You can also use this on flammable liquids such as fats, [...]

Other types of extinguishers which you may be questioned about in the cscs test are Powder and foam. in order to pass your test and get your card you will need to understand and be able to answer questions on the different uses of each. The following cscs revision notes are well worth remembering. There [...]

One of the areas in the CSCS test that most people could use a bit of revision on is fire extinguishers . Which colour is which? and what are the used for? I have compiled a list below and in following posts that I hope will be of help. Class A Ordinary Combustibles Class B Flammable [...]