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Try these CSCS Mock Test questions to check how much you know before you take the CSCS test

Checkout these CSCS mock test practice questions to see if you are ready for the CSCS Test.. If you need more help look around the site for the revision notes to get you on track for your cscs card.

Why should you practice cscs test questions The results speak for themselves. There is a much greater failure rate from peope whio have not practiced or revised for the test. Practicing some cscs mock test questions before you take the test can give you a real advantage when you come to take the CSCS Health [...]

In the CSCS test you will be asked questions relating to the use of Personal Protective equipment. The following covers most of what you will bw asked and is followed by some practice questions. If PPE must be worn it will be specified in the Risk assessment or method statement which Your site manager has [...]

Here are the answers to the cscs practice questions posted at CSCS Mock Test 2 If the equipment has been given a Prohibition Notice you must only use it once it has been mad safe to use. . You will not be allowed to begin working until after you have had a permit to work [...]

Here's a list of the mock cscs test pages on this site. They will be added to as we get more cscs health and safety test questions to give you. It is worth practising for your cscs exam as it has proven that the success rate for passing the test after revision is over 90% [...]

One of the sections in the Citb Health Safety and Environment test (CSCS Test), is on working at height. The phrase “Working at height” means when you are working anywhere where, if you had a fall, it would cause an injury. There are several rules you should follow to make sure that you are working [...]

Here are some more cscs mock test questions for you to practice with. These are also based on the first section of the construction skills (citb health safety and environment) test which is mainly to do with legal responsibilities and the management of health and safety on the site. This section is all to do [...]